Now that I am off birth-control pills, even more things than usual make me cry. I must often resort to the hated waterproof mascara (hated because it doesn’t come off without a jackhammer or maybe lye).

Here are some examples of things that have made me cry recently:

Dramatic reenactment

Dramatic reenactment

The capsized cupcake: We had cupcakes at work a month or so ago. One of the cupcakes, in its special cupcake box, had fallen over. I tearfully stood by the box and begged each person selecting a cupcake to choose the toppled one. Eventually someone ate it and I felt better.

A Zumba class: It was SO confusing, it was SO loud, I couldn’t tell what the teacher’s feet were doing, I felt the rest of my life was just what I did between Zumba classes, that no matter how far I ran, Zumba was the default state of my existence and there was no escape.

The departure of a beloved employee: I cried uncontrollably every day for a week, frequently while moaning, “she was my little intern!” I imagine this was awkward for her.

Walking down stairs with co-workers: I remain mystified as to why I cried, “I can’t be with people right now!”, ran back up the stairs to my office and wept.

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