Things in My Reproductive System That Are Not Babies

A 3D ultrasound image of my polyp.

A 3D ultrasound image of my polyp.

I’m now on my third medicated cycle with Shady Grove Fertility, which is, for the most part, not in Shady Grove. And unwelcome stuff is showing up in my baby-plumbing.

1. A cyst. It miraculously appeared in Cycle 3, in? on? the left ovary. I don’t understand what it is or why it’s suddenly there, leading to much fateful Googling.

2. A uterine polyp, above. It, too, was discovered in Cycle 3. Its presence can impede implantation, so if I’m not pregnant this round, two things in my reproductive system that are not babies will be a camera and a sharp cutty thing.

3. Three immature follicles. “Your ovaries are tricky,” said my doctor, after their six-follicle fertility explosion in Cycle 1 and more modest Cycle 2 overachievement did not herald Cycle 3 plenitude. My follicles are stubbornly not meeting the trigger threshold, despite daily proddings by an ultrasound wand and assorted needles. [Ed. note: Three follicles matured and were deemed “juicy.”]

4. An ultrasound wand.

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