Celebrity Match Game II

California Cryobank takes a different approach to monetizing celebrity resemblance.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.58.43 AM






Instead of uploading a photo, as with Fairfax Cryobank, you choose a celebrity from a menu or browse donors flagged as lookalikes. (You can’t tell whether they are or aren’t. Few donors release photos of themselves as adults. When a cryobank DOES get its icy hands on an adult photo, it sets the price to the astronomical “click here to request pricing.”)

The list of celebrities is full of surprises.

For one thing, it is in alphabetical order by first name. This is useful if you want a celebrity named David but care whether he’s a Beckham or a Wenham or someone in between.

Some of the entries are in rather poor taste (Cor(e)ys Haim and Monteith).

Who is Daniel Faraday? He is a character on “Lost.” He has his own Wikipedia page, though. I can see how that could be confusing.

As at Fairfax, James Van Der Beek is a favorite. He is on the list twice, as Van der Beek and Van Der Beek. Data validation is for pussies, says California Cryobank.

The list is subtly judge-y:
Seth Rogen (thin)
Joe Rogan (with hair)
Alec Baldwin (young)
Neil Patrick Harris (straight)*

Some of the lookalikes listed for donors don’t look very much alike:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.13.59 PM






See what I mean?



What person looks like these three people? I asked morphthing.com, a “Mommy, What Will I Look Like?” style-tool.











Morphthing proved intoxicating. Sorry.



*this one I made up

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