the dewar's profile

Confused? Read this or Google Image “dewar’s profile.”


This is what the dewar looks like without its costume, left. This is what the dewar contains (+2), right.

I expected dramatic vapor to emerge from the dewar when opened. Nope. I did “burn” my fingers on the contents because I ignored the directions’ exhortation to wear gloves.

The little vial sits out until the frost goes away. Then you stick it under your arm for 10 minutes (to bring it to body temperature) and it’s ready for action.

Action involves a syringe and catheter that, for all practical purposes, amount to a baster. Happy Thanksgiving! You don’t want this in your turkey!

One does one’s business, then one watches “The Mindy Project” for two hours so one can tweet Mindy Kaling that one conceived while watching classic Season One episodes and then maybe Mindy will come to one’s baby shower.

Repeat twice on consecutive days, return the dewar to a licensed UPS facility and hope you don’t need to do more of this because every round costs $1,100. That’s a lot of Modcloth!

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